Exercising For Two

How Much Do You Really Know About Training Pregnant Clients?

In today’s modern world more and more women are wanting to exercise during pregnancy. In addition many women are looking to return to exercise as soon as possible after giving birth. This is fantastic! However there are many things that personal trainers and group exercise instructors must be aware of in order to keep mums and babies safe during this special time.

In response to many requests to provide more information on the subject of exercise and pregnancy, Career Fitness is proud to announce that Australia’s leading expert in pre and post natal fitness Lisa Westlake is going to partner with us to conduct a one day 6 CEC point course titled “Exercising For Two”. 

Exercising For Two is an informative, inspiring, and interactive workshop designed specifically for fitness instructors who lead pregnant women through exercise sessions. It will answer all your questions about working with women in the child bearing years. What this means to you is that you will be able to confidently include pregnant women and new mums into your group classes and/or personal training sessions. Importantly, the information provided has real world application and will debunk many of the myths that you may have heard about exercise and pregnancy.

5 Reasons you need to get to the Exercising for Two Workshop:

  • Develop a real understanding of the physiological and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy and early motherhood. This is worth the price of the course alone, as it will allow you to better relate to what you clients are going through and help you to tailor your approach to exercise sessions accordingly.
  • Find out the truth about which exercises are safe and which ones must be avoided during pregnancy. You will develop a strong understanding as to why we need to modify certain exercises during different stages of pregnancy to ensure both mum and baby remain healthy and well. 
  • Why and how to recognise when to refer your pregnant clients for further assessment by an allied health professional. This is critical in making sure you are demonstration a duty of care to your pregnant clients.
  • You will develop a range of exercises suitable for pre and post natal fitness. This includes pregnancy specifics exercises for the pelvic floor, core, and posture as well as what to do and when to do it after the birth.
  • Get 6 CEC Points for fitness instructor registration with Fitness Australia.

Exercising for Two Presenter – Lisa Westlake

Lisa Westlake is a physiotherapist and fitness instructor and a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association Women’s Health Group.  She was awarded Australian fitness leader of the year in 2000, Australian fitness presenter of the year in 2003 and Australian fitness author of the year in 2009. Lisa shares 20 years of experience in exercise for pre and post natal women in this informative, inspiring and interactive day that will answer all your questions about providing fitness programs and advice for women in the child bearing year and allow you to confidently include pregnant women and new mums into your classes and one on one training.

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Melbourne City Baths
420 Swanston Street
Melbourne, VIC Australia

Course Date: 
Saturday, October 14, 2017 -
09:00 to 17:00
Course Presenter: 
Lisa Westlake
6 CECs (Fitness Australia)

We are so sure that you will absolutely love this course that we are offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee. That’s right, if you are not completely satisfied with this course then just contact me for a full refund!