The Complete Guide to Bodyweight Training Toolkit

No gym, no studio, no equipment, NO PROBLEM!

Comprehensive DVD program, Audio CD, and Instructional Manual, The Complete Guide to Bodyweight Training Kit shows you a vast array of exercises that do not need any equipment but will still get you or your clients in fantastic condition in super quick time. This Kit which consists of 2 DVD’s, Training Manual, Audio Interview, and sample exercise programs is a must for Personal Trainers working in an outdoor environment, Personal Training Studio with minimal equipment, or in a busy gym where there is limited access to equipment during “peak times”.

It is a key skill of a successful fitness instructor to ensure that the right exercise program variables are being provided to the right client at the right time to ensure maximum results with minimum likelihood of boredom or injury. Rest assured that when applied correctly bodyweight training can be used to achieve client goals in a stimulating way with minimal or even no equipment and in a variety of exercise settings. The reality is that your imagination is the only limit on the many variations you can use when incorporating bodyweight exercises into your exercise programs.

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