The Fast Track to Your First 15 Personal Training Clients


Would you love to have more money, more time, and more freedom and still enjoy the satisfaction of helping others in your role as a fitness professional?

Personal Training is without doubt one of the most noble and rewarding professions one can undertake. However, one of the real issues in the fitness industry is the fact that the lifespan of most Personal Trainers is less than 3 years. One of the major reasons is that trainers often leave courses with an excellent grasp of physical training techniques; however they don’t have much idea on how to attract clients.

The fast track to your first 15 personal training clients teaches the key elements to not only attracting clients but importantly how to keep them long term. The systems, tips, and tools presented are drawn from years of experience, study, and networking with other personal trainers who have been able to build successful businesses.

The session provides a wealth of strategies that have worked time and again in the real world setting and when followed give trainers the best possible chance of creating an income that supports an excellent quality of life while helping clients achieve their stated health and fitness goals.

You can expect to learn...

Real World Strategies to get your first 15 clients within the next 3 months

  1. The 7 questions you must ask yourself about your business every 12 weeks
  2. The 4 must do strategies all Personal Trainers need to do each month to build their business
  3. The power of a database and how to use it for income generation – hint an e-mail list is not a database
  4. Unleashing your referral gold mine
  5. The importance of pre-qualification in the sales process – this tip alone will save you hours of wasted time
  6. How to present a structured sales consultation to increase your conversion rate of appointments to paying clients
  7. Developing a range of products/services to cater for a diverse array of clients who have different budgets
  8. Key strategies to retain clients
  9. How to separate yourself from other trainers in the eyes of the client

The Fast Track to Your First 15 Personal Training Clients Presenter – Aaron Whear

Aaron Whear is known as the “Fitness Trainers Business Trainer” and is renowned for his practical and profitable solutions for people involved in the fitness industry.
His unique approach to the problems fitness businesses face has won him accolades throughout Australia and overseas. The ideas and inspiration he shares have turned many struggling operations into very profitable businesses.

5 Reasons you cannot afford to miss out on the The Game Plan for Personal Trainers Workshop

  1. A fantastic day of interactive learning with an internationally recognised expert in the business of fitness field
  2. Real World Strategies to get your first 15 clients within the next 3 months
  3. A chance to network and train alongside other like minded successful fitness professionals
  4. An interactive workbook which you can take away and use daily
  5. 3CEC/1 PDP points for Fitness Leader registration


TBA Vic Australia

Course Date: 
Saturday, August 3, 2019 -
13:00 to 16:00
Course Presenter: 
Aaron Whear