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If you want to go from GOOD to GREAT as a trainer then this workshop is a MUST!

The "Tools of the Trade - Achieving Optimal Results" CEC workshop will help you see, feel and understand the brilliance of how the right tools can not only improve performance but also allow pain free movement instantly! Knowing what your client's goals and needs are and understanding the power of these tools will mean you can implement better exercise strategies for success sooner.

You can expect to learn...

  • What Myofascial lines are and how they impact movement.
  • The 5 things you must find out from your client before you start any training session.
  • How and why to implement a “play” element into every session you take.
  • Fascial freeing and mobilizing techniques.
  • How to find out if your client is “progressive”, “traditional” or a “hybrid” and then how to train them accordingly.
  • An introduction to the 4 movement patterns Ian uses to get positive changes with clients – instantly!
  • How to use “gears” that are driven by heart rate throughout a session for maximum impact.
  • How to package all of the information delivered in the workshop in practical workouts that you can use for your clients immediately.

You will also learn how to optimally use the following tools...

  • Specially developed pre-exercise questionnaire that you use before every PT session. This will give a point score rating (out of a possible 15 points) that allows you to determine what the intensity of  the intensity of the session should be.
  • Foam Rollers
  • Vipers
  • Free Form Boards
  • A range of different balls
  • Free Weights
  • Cables
  • And lots more...

When these techniques and tools are proprely implement. You clients can expect the following outcomes...

  • Reduce discomfort and pain                                                             
  • Increase energy and reduce body fat                                            
  • Improve reaction time and balance                                               
  • Increase speed and efficiency in movement                                       
  • Correct myofacial imbalances corrected
  • And all of these benefits are achieved while the clients is having FUN

About Your Presenter - Ian O'Dwyer

With over 20 years’ experience and 500+ workshops in the health and fitness sector, Ian is considered one of the ‘Elders’ of the industry. His unique perspectives, innovations and effective applications enhancing the human being, have seen him collaborate with and befriend many of the industry leaders. He is the Director of OD on Movement, a Movement conditioning and fitness professional education provider that aspires to lead and innovate.

This Is What Industry "Heavyweights" Say About Ian O'Dwyer

Ian O'Dwyer is a healer, and I don't use the word lightly. Long years with animals, people in trouble, and sportsmen at the top of their game have given Ian real insight into human movement - not just on the biomechanical level, though he shines there, but on a psychosocial level as well.

I have watched in awe a number of times as Ian worked with groups, where he is nothing short of miraculous in his ability to get all manner of people working together, no matter their skill or ability level. With individuals, his 'no nonsense empathy' is motivational in its best sense.

Thomas Myers, Author of Anatomy Trains

Very few fitness professionals have the expertise in functional anatomy, the understanding of integrated flexibility and mobilization, and the implementation of a multitude of techniques in the trenches than Ian O'Dwyer.

Ian, or more fondly referred to by his clients and colleagues as OD, brings an eclectic approach to unravelling the complexities of the limitations and compensations of human movement to produce a solution-oriented program that specifically addresses the problems of the client.

OD has the nurturing personality to connect with his clients that forms a trusting bond that is invaluable to help with the healing process and allow his clients to reach their goals.

Chuck Wolf, Human Motion Associates

"In my 25 years in the fitness industry, I regard OD as the best trainer I have seen. I am also personally indebted to him as he was the one who helped me go from bed ridden to back fully functioning after being struck down with sciatica 18 months ago". 

Aaron Whear, Managing Director, Career Fitness

"I had a ball Saturday and took some great ideas away to use with my clients but also with my 20 odd gym staff and Personal Trainers.Thanks for passing on your knowledge".

Marty Moran, Health and Fitness Coordinator, Yarra Leisure

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Aaron Whear

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Saturday, July 31, 2021 -
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Ian O'Dwyer