Laska Varkaris

"In reality had it not been for Aaron, I would probably have delayed my venture for a couple of years, waiting for my son to go to school because of the extra time and effort that I would have had to spend without his insights. I engaged Aaron specifically because I felt comfortable with him immediately and just had that gut feeling that he knew what he was talking about right from the time we met”. He has helped me in so many ways including:

-getting a clear picture of exactly what I wanted to do in my business and who my target market really is.
-working out the financial viability of my business model
-outlining step by step instructions on how to implement key business strategies
-marketing advice that actually works!
-pointing me in the right direction whenever I have any question.

Examples have included website information, graphic design contacts, where to go for uniforms, microphones and other things. By simply doing what Aaron tells me and making me accountable and having to meet deadlines, I almost have no choice but to be successful!” 

Laska Varkaris
Dynamic Boxing Fitness