CEC Courses

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Career Fitness offers a huge variety of cutting edge CEC courses.

In today’s increasingly competitive world gymnasiums, health clubs and personal trainers are looking for ammunition that will give them a competitive edge and the sustain. More and more they are turning to this man for the answers and are delighted with the results.

The Career Fitness CEC workshop Program has been tailored specifically for the needs of Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors, Group Exercise Instructors, and Certificate III & IV in Fitness students.

You see the fitness industry is a knowledge driven industry where clients and employers are purchasing your knowledge and skill set which allows you to provide the most effective solutions for the needs of clients. Think about the problems you help clients with on a daily basis, i.e. losing weight, increasing muscle, getting fitter, faster, stronger or more functional. With this in mind the workshops has been created to ensure your skill set is cutting edge and that you are able to provide clients with time efficient, safe and effective programs, classes and nutritional advice as well grow a high revenue producing business.

Aaron Whear is renowned for his practical and profitable solutions for people involved in the fitness industry. His unique approach and simple solutions to the problems that gym and fitness centre owners and operators face every day have won him accolades from in Australia and internationally. Likewise, fitness trainers from around the world have discovered the ideas and inspiration he shares have turned their struggling training activities into very, very profitable businesses.