Career Fitness

Career Fitness is recognised as Australia’s leading provider of fitness instructor education. It is owned and operated by Aaron Whear, the fitness trainer’s trainer, who has 20 years experience in all aspects of the fitness industry. This experience has included roles as a gym instructor, personal trainer, gym manager, business owner, speaker and mentor.
It was during his role as a gym manager that Aaron realised there was a gap between what the fitness required from employees and what training providers were delivering to students. This led to his move into Fitness Leader education and a strong desire to help bridge the gap between education and what is required in the “real world” as a fitness instructor.

Aaron and his team which include some of the biggest names in the fitness industry combine to make Elite Trainer Club Membership a professional development must for anyone who is serious about being a true fitness professional.

With his degree in Physical Education, Aaron began his working life as many others do as a personal trainer in a gym. Rapidly realisiing that doing what everyone else was then currently doing was not a recipe for success, Aaron worked on the business on personal training that soon produced outstanding results for his clients, the gym and Aaron. The reason for his success was simple Aaron says "I didn't change the training, I changed my approach to the business of training."

Success meant he was soon being asked to help other trainers adopt his approach. It was then that Aaron discovered what has become his life long passion... sharing his ideas and enthusiasm.

This early success lead to the challenge of applying his methods to a moribund gym. Again, Aaron devised and implemented programs and practises to enhance the business skills and competence of the whole team, which soon reaped rich rewards and the gym thrived.

Word of the effectiveness of his philosophies soon spread and Aaron was increasingly called upon by trainers, owners and managers to help them boost their results.

Since then, the success he achieves in sharing his unique skills, wisdom and advice on strategies and tactics to build better people, performance and profits has resulted in ever increasing demand for him to speak, coach and train at fitness industry conferences and meeting everywhere.

Some of the host topics he covers include..

  • Strategies to dramatically and quickly boost client numbers
  • Quality systems and processes to guarantee exceptional service
  • The why, the what and the how of benchmarking
  • Establishing structures to create a stable, low turnover, high performance environment for team members
  • Developing a powerful cluster of services and programs to build a total health, fitness and wellbeing offering
  • Developing high conversion customer follow up systems
  • Providing leadership and strategic direction to teams
  • Practical marketing and promotional activities to increase clients and profitability
  • Developing, implementing and analysing key performance indicators
  • Nine ways to turn clients into evangelists

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