Get Awesome Results For Your Clients Through Myofascial Release 

The leading trainers in the fitness industry have moved away from simply smashing clients with high intensity exercise until they break! In fact, the industry is craving trainers who can lead clients through a series of pain free movements while at the same time enhancing their mental wellbeing.

The Myofascial Release CEC course has been designed specifically for Personal Trainers. The skills you will learn in this course allow you to release short and tight muscles. This means that you can help reduce client pain and enhance movement efficiency and performance.

In fact, there are a number of conditions and symptoms that Myofascial release therapy can address. 

These include:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain and spasms
  • Chronic back and neck pain 
  • Recurring injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Sensation such as numbness and pins and needles
  • Poor posture and reduced flexibility

During this course, you will learn how to recognise fascial restrictions and then apply Myofascial release, to safely and effectively help clients move and perform better and you will get the credit! 

5 Reasons You Must Do This Course

1.  Create awesome results for your clients. Whether your clients are young or old, we will show you an innovative way to get productive change. The result is a happy client who keeps them coming back for more. 

2.  Lasting change. Once your clients experience the benefits of Myofascial Release, you can rest assured that they will incorporate this as a part of their lifestyle forever.

3.  It will increase your Personal Training revenue! How? The next time you see someone in the gym foam rolling incorrectly, you simply approach them with confidence and show them how to use the roller for maximum impact. This positions you as an expert. It also opens up a conversation regarding utilising your expertise further by becoming a client. 

4.  Increase the value your clients receive from you. Do you sometimes count the clock making small talk waiting for the next set? Instead you will be able to add in some release exercises to improve your client’s movement. Then set by set your client will see huge changes in their performance, just by using a foam roller correctly! 

5.  Enable your clients to move free of pain and lift their mood at the same time. Your ability to give clients these gifts is priceless. 

Myofascial Release Presenters  - Nathan and Priscilla Flynn

Nathan Flynn

Nathan has worked in the fitness industry for many years and enjoys every minute of it. His biggest strength is the ability to help athletes as well as everyday clients move well and perform better.

Priscilla Flynn

Priscilla has a passion for wellness and is constantly exploring new ways to help her clients. Her passion is working with clients who are living with pain or mental illnesses.  Priscilla’s greatest strength is her ability to connect with and inspire people.

Here Is What People Say About Our Myofascial Release Workshop

 “I found the Myofascial release to be very informative. Both Nathan and Priscilla understood the fundamentals of fascia and delivered the course in a way that we would understand. They gave a lot of analogies which was extremely helpful. They answered all my questions. I feel confident in being able to impart this knowledge onto others. Extremely satisfied with this course.”

 Timmy Duong, Personal Trainer

 “I really enjoyed the course on Saturday.. it was the best CEC course I have done so far.

Nathan and Priscilla were very friendly, approachable and appeared to have a lot of knowledge in the area. We had ample opportunity to try the different release exercises and I felt motivated at the end of the course.”

 Sara Hayden, Personal Trainer

What's The Investment To Make Immediate Changes With Your PT Clients?

Your investment to attend this unique course is just $269.

You will receive 6 CECs for fitness instructor registration with AUSactive (previously Fitness Australia).

100% Money Back Guarantee!


Attend The Myofascial Release Course With Absolutely No Risk  

That’s right. If you’re not completely satisfied with the Myofascial Release course, then I INSIST you ask for a 100% ‘no question asked money back refund’.

That’s how confident I am of the content and ideas you’ll discover.

All you have to do to join other smart PT’s and Fitness Instructors is to click the "Add To Cart" button below.

After that, you’ll be taken straight to the easy check-out page to complete registration. 


Aaron Whear

Founder and CEO of Career Fitness

P.S. There’s absolutely NO RISK at all for you in attending the Myofascial Release CEC Course. If you aren’t convinced that the skills you will discover are not going to work for you, simply let us know and we’ll refund your payment immediately.

P.P.S. Apply now to claim your spot and take full advantage of this special opportunity!

Once all 20 spots are filled we’ll be closing the doors to this course and you will miss out.


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Course Date: 
Saturday, November 28, 2026 - 09:00 to 17:00
Course Presenter: 
Nathan & Priscilla Flynn
6 CECs (Fitness Australia)