Elite Trainer Club

Get your entire set of CEC’s with no lump sum payments!

“The New CEC Delivery System That’s Tipping the Scales Back to PT’s in a BIG Way!”

 Ready to finally say goodbye to all your CEC frustrations? Now there’s a completely new way to get all your CEC’s taken care of simply, easily and — best of all — very affordably.


Aaron Whear here.

In my 25 years in the fitness industry, I’ve seen how the “old system” of forking out hundreds of dollars in cash to take a CEC course puts a big hurt on hard-working PT’s.  

 I’ve found 4 types of PT’s getting crushed by this old method of getting credits…  

Maybe you’ve been one of them—or all of them—at some point in your PT career… Or maybe you’re one right now?   

The 4 Types of CEC Course Taker (Which one are you?)   

CEC Course Taker #1: The One-Off   

There are times when you just don’t have $400 to pay for a kettlebell course (particularly when 3 clients ran out on you last month). If you’re short on cash, you’ll most likely fall short in CEC’s as well.  

CEC Course Taker #2: The Deadline Dancer  

A crazy schedule often prevents you from collecting any (or most) of your CECs. Suddenly, your registration is on the line and if you can’t collect all 20 credits by the end of the month, your earning power (and your insurance coverage) could be suspended! You’ll need an extra $1,000 in cold cash to cover the costs.  

CEC Course Taker #3: The Eager Beaver  

You fully recognize the value in the old saying, “The more you learn, the more you earn!” You’re undoubtedly keen to load up on fitness knowledge from lots of CEC courses, which you’ll plug it back into your PT biz.   

You’d even love to take significantly more credits than required, but other obstacles like time, family, and/or personal commitments get in the way. You wish CEC courses offered more flexibility.   

CEC Course Taker #4: The Back Burner   

You’ve earned your Cert 3 and 4, but you are still working a job outside of the fitness industry. Things are OK, but you’re worried you might be made redundant and lose your job. You’ve got the skills to make it as a PT, but if you don’t keep up on your CECs you’ll have to go back and reclaim your Cert 3 and 4 all over again (big headache!). On your current salary, have you got the hundreds to cover your courses?   

Are you starting to see the pattern?   

PT’s just don’t have the hundreds in cash to pay up front for CEC courses.   

For 14 years as a CEC provider at Career Fitness, I’ve watched PT’s in the fitness industry suffer from this outdated system.   

That’s why I’ve put my foot down and decided that…   

PT’s need a new CEC solution that realistically meets their income capability  

It’s time to rethink the way CECs are delivered to PT’s in a way that’s fair and offers more inherent value.   

The system that’s needed is one that…  

  • Is actually affordable and doesn’t burden you with the need for heaps of cash at any one time  
  • Provides flexibility, giving you the option to choose how many courses to take, when you want to take them (either paced throughout the year or at the last minute)  
  • Offers freedom to choose among a wide array of the latest dynamic fitness courses taught by industry-leading instructors. 

That’s why at Career Fitness, we’ve put together a completely new program to help hard-working PT’s like you get your CECs in a timely and convenient way that …SAVES YOU MONEY.   


“The Elite Trainer Club” 

A Revolutionary “One-Stop-Shop” Membership Club for PT’s that Conveniently and Affordably Serves All Your CEC Needs… and More! 


When you join the Elite Trainer Club, you’ll get all these benefits inside:   

  • All your credits taken care of, simple and easy. You’ll have access to 4 professional CEC accredited development workshops each year. This takes care of all your CEC requirements for registration with Fitness Australia.   
  • Absolute affordability. Instead of emptying your wallet of hundreds in cash each time you take a CEC course, as an Elite Trainer Club member, you’ll pay a small affordable weekly fee that covers you for the duration of your membership. 
  • You’re in control. Choose any 4 courses you want, when you want. No restrictions on retail price or number of credits whatsoever. What’s more, being free to take your courses when you want means you can even take courses the very first month—well before you’ve paid anywhere near what you’d normally need to pay for the course up front!   
  • BIG-time savings. With your 4 courses per year, you can get all twenty of your CEC’s for your 2-year term out of the way… and save almost HALF the cost you’d normally pay (an amazing deal).  
  • Learn more / EARN more. For PT’s that see value in going beyond the required 20 credits per 2-year term, you can take up to 8 coures over this period—potentially doubling your total credits and allowing you BIG returns in your business with the newly acquired fitness knowledge.   
  • Access to the latest cutting edge training courses. With a minimum of 14 different courses, you’ve got a wide variety of dynamic and exciting ones to choose from—all taught by professional fitness instructors leading their fields. And don’t worry about missing a course—popular workshops are repeated several times each year.   

Never before has a CEC program like the Elite Trainer Club given so much leverage to PT’s. It truly is revolutionary as it let’s you take control of your CECs without hurting your wallet.   

What CEC courses can I take? 

Choose from a total of 14 professionally led CEC courses held throughout the year at Career Fitness. Each month, between 4 and 5 of these will be offered, with the most popular courses repeating at different months throughout the year — ensuring you never miss an opportunity to take your favorite course.   

Our current course catalogue includes:   

  • Bodyweight training,  
  • Ultimate Kickboxing 
  • How to Eat Your Way to a Health Weight 
  • Injury Prevention Techniques 
  • Kettlebell Training 1 & 2 
  • Myofascial Release 
  • Suspension Training 
  • Partner Training 
  • Plateau Busting Training Systems
  • Tools of the Trade for Optimal Results   

 With our most popular courses being:   

  • Business Bootcamp 
  • Ultimate Boxing 
  • Exercising For Two   

And don’t forget: as an Elite Trainer Club member, you’ll have full, unrestricted access to any four of these courses of your choosing throughout the year. Once you register for membership, you’ll be provided access to our monthly calendar where you can see all the details. 

How much will all this cost? 

As a member of the Elite Trainer Club, you won’t have to worry about ponying up hundreds in cash to cover the cost of a course at any one time – ever again!   

Comparison time:   

As a regular customer with Career Fitness, you might take any 4 courses over the year at $249 per course (to fulfill your CEC requirements).   

In total, you would pay $996.   

However, when you become an Elite Trainer Club member, you get access to all the same courses for a small weekly fee of only $10.   

As a member, you’ll be able to choose from ANY 4 courses you wish throughout the year to fulfill your CEC requirements.   

Over the course of your one-year membership, your incremental payments of $10 per week will have accumulated to just $520. This is a generous savings of nearly HALF the normal cost.   

As a result, you can now hold on to plenty of your hard-earned cash and reinvest it back into your business, family, or wherever you like!   

It gets even better…   

You might think with incredible cost-savings like this, who needs more?   

Not me.   

If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know I’m adamant in my mission to help ambitious PT’s get ahead in the fitness industry.   

That’s why wherever I can, I always try and pack as much value to you with every opportunity we have.   

So, when you join The Elite Trainer Club, you’ll ALSO get access to these special bonuses:   

Bonus #1: Exclusive Monthly Webinars to Grow Your PT Business (Valued at $240/year)   

You’ll get front row seating to exclusive webinars, teaching you everything you need to know about:   

  • Marketing systems that actually work  
  • The ‘right’ approach to customer service  
  • Time management (so you can actually look forward to reclaiming your personal life)  
  • Converting more clients using sales techniques you’re comfortable with 
  • How to give practical workshops, like exercise programming for bodyweight training, boxing class design and more   

Bonus #2: ’Rent Aaron’s Brain’—One-on-One Private PT Business Consultation with Aaron Whear (Valued at $250) Your opportunity to channel ‘my brain’—and 25 years of expertise in the fitness industry—directly into your business. During this special one-hour private consultation we’ll cover any critical success factors needed to boost your performance to the ‘next level’. In this consultation, we’ll dig down into the nitty-gritty of your PT business with topics like:   

  • Perfecting a sales system that maximizes your ROI (and focuses on converting more leads into paying clients) 
  • “Lifting the Fog”—My secret technique to giving you perfect clarity in your business goals   
  • Building a system blueprint to generate an endless stream of new clients   
  • We’ll dig into the details your PT business to free you from the hidden areas blocking your progress  
  • Need more free time? I’ll dive into your calendar to show you how to structure your working week correctly. Get more done faster, and enjoy time off without sacrificing income. (This method has been a game-changer for almost everyone I’ve shared it with.)   

Bonus #3: Member’s Only ‘PT Professionals’ Facebook Group (Valued at $60/year) Exclusive access to our online community of successful fitness professionals who will answer your questions and support you in your journey as a fitness professional. Whenever you have any kind of questions about PT in general, or your business, you’ll get answers quickly and immediately from experienced PT’s—saving you time, money and worry! Total Retail Value of These Three Exclusive Bonuses is $548… Yours FREE When You Join Today!  

All together, here’s everything you’ll receive going forward with this amazing package in your membership to the Elite Trainer Club.   

Elite Trainer Club Membership (Valued at $996/year) - only $10/week (min. 12 months)   

  • 4 CEC courses per year, taken anytime you want  
  • New affordable fortnightly payment plan ensuring you’ll never be short on cash 
  • Selection of up to 14 different cutting edge courses to take at any one time 
  • Ability to cover all your CEC’s at HALF price  
  • Ability to OVERLOAD on CEC’s by as much as 2X with 8 course over two years  

 Exclusive Bonuses (valued at $550) – FREE  

  • Bonus #1: Exclusive Monthly Webinars… (Valued at $240/year)  
  • Bonus #2: ‘Rent Aaron’s Brain’ Consultation with Aaron Whear… (Valued at $250) 
  • Bonus #3: PT Professionals Facebook Group… (Valued at $60/year)   

Total Value = $1,546 Your special member’s price = $520 All paid in easy fortnightly installments of just $20! (66% discount)   

Join the Elite Trainer Club membership for a minimum of 12 months.   

After completing one full year, if inclined, you’re free to cancel your membership at any time.   

At this point, you’ll have taken 4 courses and received 20 CEC’s for the small cost only $520—nearly HALF savings over the normal cost of $996. This alone, is an incredible value.   

You’ll find the cutting-edge courses in the Elite Trainer Club fun and educational…   

The exclusive monthly webinars filled with valuable nuggets to improve your PT biz and increase profitability…   

… And the members-only Facebook will provide you with key insights that no other source currently provides.   

When you experience firsthand the benefits of the Elite Trainer Club you’ll see how it benefits you and your business every year.  

This Is A Limited Time Offer!  

There is no better time to become a member of the Elite Trainer Club than right now. For a limited time, we’re opening our doors to new members—but that won’t last long. We only open our doors a few times a year, and if you miss this opportunity, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait months till it comes around again. In that time, you’ll miss out on the savings… the invaluable monthly webinars… and the chance to get your biggest PT questions answered by professionals in our exclusive Facebook group.  

Make the right choice for the future of you and your PT biz by becoming a member of the Elite Trainer Club today.   

What Other PT’s are Saying about the Elite Trainer Club Membership…

"One of the main reasons behind getting "Make Me Do it PT" to where it is today is attending Career Fitness workshops. I love Aaron's approach.”- Paul Gloury, Owner, Make Me Do It Personal Training  

"Aaron's clear no fuss delivery style of course content is impressive. His industry experience gives him credibility which is often not the case at all workshops!”- Rikki Flanders, Owner, Strength For You Personal Training  

"Career Fitness offers excellent advice and has fast tracked my learning. I'm excited about the year ahead and have no doubt I will achieve all of my goals.”- Matt Daniels, Owner, Fit 'n' Focused Personal Training  

Join together with the many other savvy PT’s who’ve decided to take control of their CEC courses with this revolutionary new pay-as-you-go system. You’ll never again have to worry about getting handcuffed by the hundreds in cash required to pay up front.   


Aaron Whear

Founder and CEO of Career Fitness 

P.S. Ready to kiss all your CEC frustrations goodbye? Become a member of the Elite Trainer Club and never worry about forking over hundreds in cash for a course again! 

P.P.S. Try our membership for a full year. You’re sure to love all the added built-in benefits designed to help boost your PT biz profits. But even if you choose to leave after 12 months, you’ll still have saved nearly HALF the costs for your CEC’s—an incredible value! 

P.P.P.S. Apply now for Elite Trainer Club membership while this opportunity lasts! The doors for new membership only open a few times a year, and once they close you’ll need to wait months before this opportunity comes round again. Register right now to claim your spot!