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That’s right! If your personal training business is going so well that you really don’t need to boost your income and are loving life then there’s no need to read this. Just sit back, relax and do whatever you do when you don’t have a care in the world.

However, if you are...

When you made the decision to become a personal trainer it all seemed so wonderful and easy didn’t it? It was just a matter of doing the course and then, with your great new qualifications, it’d be a piece of cake. You’d have stacks and stacks of clients all lusting after you for your fantastic personal training. They’d be so happy that they’d rave about you to their friends who would want you to train them too. You’d be knocking them back with sticks!

But that’s not quite how it’s turned out so far is it? If you... 

  • Have spasmodic appointments with lots of unproductive hours in between.
  • Get annoyed by clients who don’t take your advice seriously or cancel sessions at a moment’s notice.
  • Keep seeing those gaps in your diary but can’t seem to fill them.
  • Don’t have any free time away from your business.
  • Feel trapped because you don’t have good cash flow.
  • Don’t have a system for continually attracting new clients when you need them.
  • Worry if you answer the phone whether it’ll be a client cancelling or someone you owe money.
  • Worry about where your next clients are coming from.
  • Take clients you’d rather not have because you need their money.

If this is you! Get the solution here

Getting clients is hard, bloody hard. Sure, you see lots of people who need you to train them but convincing them is tough. Yes, they agree they need to do it but there’s a difference between needing and wanting.

They need the training but they don’t want it. At least not enough to do it!

Getting people to want to do it... to commit and pay you is tough. Even your family and friends who told you before you did your course “Yeah sure, we’ll train with you” don’t seem to be so eager now.

So, maybe you’ve ended up working at a gym… or a couple of gyms… doing a heck of a lot of hours for almost nothing and, because you’re the new kid on the block, you’re doing the sessions that the other trainers don’t want. With clients you’d rather not look at... let alone train!

Stop! Don’t take any more of it! Get the solution here

And guess what? A hell of a lot of personal trainers have same problem! Many of them get so frustrated and short of clients and cash that they end up working as a waiter or in a shop or at any damn thing just to get some cash in the door. Then they do whatever training they can get in their “spare time.” Maybe that’s where you’re headed unless something changes.

That’s not how it’s supposed to be. But do you know why it happens? The answer is simple...

If it’s any reassurance to you, you’re not alone! There are thousands of qualified personal trainers out there like you slowly starving to death. Waiting on tables! Serving in shops! Doing any damn job!

But it’s not because you or they don’t know anything about personal training. It’s simply because you and they don’t know about business... the nitty gritty secrets of the business of business!

And to make it as a trainer, to make money and live the dream lifestyle, you have to be better at business than at training. Heaps better!

Trainers who don’t know about business have skinny kids!

You must, repeat must, know the business of business!

Get the nitty gritty secrets you need here!

When we talk about the business of business, quite simply we mean just three simple steps for a start. Three simple steps that will stop you starving to death and put you on the road to a very, very profitable personal training business...

  1.    How to find an endless supply of people who want to be trained.
  2.    How to convert them into people who want to pay you to train them!
  3.    How to get them to introduce their friends who want to pay you too!

These three steps are just the simple basic steps that anyone in business must know to be successful. Regrettably most courses concentrate on training you as a trainer rather than a business person.

Oh yes some courses claim to give you the stuff that you need to get your personal training business up and going but their ideas generally need you to have more luck that skill.

Get those three steps working for you NOW!

So, if you don’t have the business skills you need to get the clients you want to make the money you need. If you are even struggling to pay your rent or go to the supermarket then the solution to your problems is here for you! Right here, right now!

If you are really looking for a way to jump start your business and get it really humming. If you don’t want to be just another personal training industry statistic and out of business in around 2 years then it’s time to do something about it!

Discover how to you can...

And you do that by doing what successful personal trainers do. You see there are personal trainers who have overcome these problems and built a very profitable business. One that gives them the income and lifestyle they love.

They know and do things that most personal trainers don’t.

Would you like to learn what these very successful trainers do? Discover their secrets? Do the things they do? Get the results they get?

Well you can. Guaranteed!

Start doing what successful trainers do NOW!

Introducing, the solution to your problems, the complete answer in a box!

This fantastic program gives you a heap of simple, easy and time tested, proven ways that are guaranteed to help you to get that prosperous and profitable business you’ve always dreamt about.

In this down-to-earth audio program two of Australia’s straight talking, no B/S business experts will give you all of the street smart, practical, proven, guaranteed to work ideas you need to:

  • Get all the new clients you want.
  • Only work only with clients you love.
  • Put more money in the bank.
  • Make your business a lot more fun.
  • Have lots of free time to enjoy yourself!
  • Finally revealed! The secrets to turning freebie sessions into cold hard cash immediately.
  • How to easily fill blank spaces in your appointment diary and eliminate unproductive hours.
  • Discover what’s wrong with your business card and how to make it work its butt off for you.
  • How to avoid the silly mistakes that nearly ALL Personal Trainer make that cost them heaps of money and lots of time.
  • How to get Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media working gangbusters for you.
  • How to get ALL your business close to your studio or home!
  • Why and how to love your clients to death every month so they stay on track, keep coming back and refer their friends
  • How you can arrange your business to have multiple income streams to earn a 6-figures plus income.
  • Know the critical secrets to turning what people need into what they are desperate to buy.
  • Very effective ways to use your advertising dollars in ways that really work rather than expensive, wishy-washy, useless advertising floss.
  • Great ideas like a very effective formula for writing powerful response generating advertisements.
  • The best ways to build referral mechanisms that produce a bonanza of business.
  • How to build and manage three incredible black boxes that virtually guarantee you an endless supply of prospects.
  • Low cost, big results marketing tricks of the trade, ideas and approaches that have created legendary results and stacks of businesses.
  • The 4 incredibly important things you must have at your website to absolutely ensure that it works for you. Ignore them at your peril!
  • How to get social media working for you... like half a million dollars of sales in just 10 days.
  • How an Italian economist’s little known secrets can increase your business by up to a staggering 800 percent!
  • The 3 questions you must ask all potential new clients before you even agree to take their money... don’t take it if they give you the wrong answers.
  • Use these powerful “Five Golden Rules” to create your “eyeball sucking” website that will get prospects hot to sign up with you.
  • How “forced isolation” can revitalise both your business and your life.
  • Why and how to keep score in your business to maximise profit

Read enough? Buy this great program NOW!

You’ll get answers like this and more in 4 easily listenable parts. Brilliantly, you will not only get the low down on what you must do in your business but most importantly you’ll get chapter and verse and complete step-by-step instructions on HOW to do it!

In this exciting and inspirational session you will discover how to set yourself up to be the “go to trainer” in your local market. You’ll get the systems to build, the service to deliver and the steps to retain a very profitable client base of enthusiastic and committed clients who become raving fans.

In this down to earth, very practical, no B/S session you will get the low down on a heap of great ideas to turn your business into a money making machine. This will get you on track for an endless supply of new clients meaning more sales and more profit. What you learn will work brilliantly for you and add thousands of dollars to the money your business makes. And it’s all presented in the practical, down-to-earth, listenable style of business boosting wizard Winston Marsh! He will have you positively raring to turn his tips, techniques and ideas into money making action. They are so simple, making them happen is easy. You'll be amazed by the results.

When most people invest in a business program they usually have good intentions to implement what they have learned immediately. Unfortunately, more often than not good intentions don’t translate into action. With this in mind we have put together a system to ensure your investment really does translate into more money in the bank for you!

Buy this great program NOW!

Buy this great program NOW!

Because we want to share the powerful, profitable ideas in this life changing program with as many success seeking personal trainers as possible we have kept your investment for the program really affordable.

Here is what you get:

  • Over 5 hours of amazing information on MP3.
  • Your personal 141 page workbook packed full of all the information you need to take your business to where you want it to go. With room for you to take your notes as you listen to the audio program so you don’t forget key points it builds into your permanent personal record of the lessons and actions you will put into your business.

Although you won’t need any further reasons to get your hands on a program like this that will change your business life here is your bonus if you act now!

You get your very own “Business Builder” one-on-one private consultation with Aaron Whear, the Fitness Trainers Business Trainer valued at $330.

And as if that's not enough the program comes with a no questions asked Money Back Guarantee. That’s right, if you are not completely satisfied with this program just contact our office for a full refund!

We could easily sell this product for at least $497.00 and it would still be amazing value. However, we really want all personal training business owners to have this life changing product and we don’t want the price to be the reason you don’t get this program.

So for a limited time only we are offering a pre-release special: 

P.S. If you are a person who is not going to take action on the simple steps to success provided in this program then do yourself a favour and don’t purchase this program because it will be a waste of time for you.

However, if you are an ACTION TAKER and are willing to implement the proven strategies provided then this program then it will be truly life changing for you. You will have more money in the bank and more time to yourself away from your business to enjoy it!

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