The Private Mentoring Program has a very clear and specific outcome which is to help personal fitness trainers work less hours and make more money!

The best way to describe the program is that it is personal training for your business!

The cornerstone of the program is that you will have a monthly one on one catch up with Aaron Whear, the fitness trainer’s business trainer, where he will teach you the skills of being a successful business owner and importantly hold you accountable to your goals. 

What you get from the Private Mentoring Program:

  • Monthly one on one business coaching tailored specifically to your stated outcomes. Having a personal coach who has been there and done that is like “stepping on the accelerator to success” and will help you reach your goals in the fastest time frame possible.
  • Email and phone support mean that answers to your specific business questions that pop up between consultations are never far away.

  • Access to Aaron’s library of systems and procedures that are guaranteed to save you blood, sweat, tears, as well as hours of wasted time trying to re-invent the wheel.

  • Weekly business building resources delivered directly to your inbox to ensure you are being kept up to date with cutting edge information that relates specifically to fitness businesses.

  •  Access to Aaron’s Rolodex of experts. Can you imagine how many contacts a veteran of 21 years in the fitness industry has collected? If you need a graphic designer, the best deals on fitness equipment, advice on engaging a Personal Assistant or Virtual Assistant, where to get business cards and much, much more.

  • VIP entry into Business Seminars where you can learn from a range of guest presenter who are all experts in their chosen field, i.e. marketing, sales, website, SEO, and Social Media.

How Private Mentoring Works:

It really is as simple as 1,2,3.

Step 1: Assessment

To ensure the best possible outcome for you it is important that we take a moment to assess where your business is at. The way this is done is via a business health check diagnostic tool. You simply fill this in prior to your first mentoring session. This allows Aaron to identify current strengths in your business as well as to identify areas that will need to be addressed.

The other important part of this assessment process is for you to outline the 3-5 key outcomes you would like from your mentoring. This is vital to allow us to get maximum results in minimum time.  

Step 2: Consultation

Typically the sessions are held in Point Cook, Melbourne. However, if this is not convenient then a Skype of phone consult also work really well. Because we have been through step 1 and are clear on the outcomes of each session you will find that we achieve a lot in a relatively short amount of time.

Step 3: Action

A list of 5-7 actions is agreed upon on the day of the consultation and you are kept accountable via e-mail, phone and the next agreed upon consultation date. Experience shows that once you are clear about what steps you need to take in your business and you have a timeframe to achieve them in, that your business gets massive momentum and your goals get ticked off at a rapid rate.

 What Do People Say About the Private Mentoring Program?

"I knew that if I had someone to provide guidance on what I should be doing and then keeping me accountable to my actions that I could improve the business a lot. Aaron gave me exactly what I was looking for! He was always friendly but firm in making sure I did the things I said I was going to. The way we did this was through a monthly face to face meeting, then a telephone meeting every other fortnight. In these meetings we spoke about ideas, plans for the future, we set goals, and he gave me 'homework' that I needed to make sure was done by certain dates. The value these sessions brought to my business was AWESOME! 

After 6 months working with Aaron my one on one number of appointments grew from an average of 20 sessions per week to an average of 43 sessions per week, with my busiest week topping a whopping 51 Personal Training sessions!
If you want to grow your business and learn from the best then get yourself into one of Aaron’s workshops or one on one coaching programs! Anything that needed to be improved or learnt for the business, you name it, Aaron had the solution!"

Melissa Holden, Owner Mel Holden Personal Training

“Approaching six years in business I was at the crossroads as to what I wanted to do with my personal training business. I’d previously had some business coaching but wanted to receive the accountability, motivation and support from someone who was in the industry and was in a position I aspire to be in down the track. Enter Aaron Whear, the ‘Fitness Trainers Business Trainer.’ Aaron was someone who could relate to the day to day ups and downs of owning and operating your own PT business. More importantly he was a mentor who could steer me in the direction of my goals for 2103. My decision to get Aaron on board has already paid off immensely. Over the past three months I have accomplished so much more because of Aaron’s accountably, as well as his ability to relate and understand my vision. He offers excellent advice and has fast tracked my learning. I’m excited about the year ahead and have no doubt I will achieve all of my business goals with his guidance.”

Matt Daniels, Owner, Fit N Focused Personal Training "

In reality had it not been for Aaron, I would probably have delayed my venture for a couple of years, waiting for my son to go to school because of the extra time and effort that I would have had to spend without his insights. I engaged Aaron specifically because I felt comfortable with him immediately and just had that gut feeling that he knew what he was talking about right from the time we met”. He has helped me in so many ways including:
-getting a clear picture of exactly what I wanted to do in my business and who my target market really is.
-working out the financial viability of my business model
-outlining step by step instructions on how to implement key business strategies
-marketing advice that actually works!
-pointing me in the right direction whenever I have any question. Examples have included website information, graphic design contacts, where to go for uniforms, microphones and other things. By simply doing what Aaron tells me and making me accountable and having to meet deadlines, I almost have no choice but to be successful!”

Laska Varkaris, Owner Dynamic Boxing Fitness "

The bottom line is that I have been working with Aaron for several months now and my income has increased by 20%! I now have four trainers working for me and I am pleased to say that Aaron is assisting me in mentoring these trainers also. I can promise you this, if you invest your time and money with Aaron like then the rewards of more income and more freedom from your business are going to be there. Aaron is helping me find balance between work and other interests such as family, and for that he has me for life. Thank you Aaron!"

Trent Shaw, Owner, Shaw Thing Fitness

A Final Word

I can help you get more from what you’re doing without necessarily spending a lot of money, employing more staff, or sacrificing your lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Come and join me and together we can step on the accelerator to your success. Yours Sincerely Aaron Whear The Fitness Trainers Business Trainer

P.S. By the way, my mentoring services are risk free because it won’t cost you a cent if I don’t do what I promise.