Rent Aaron's Brain

'Rent Aaron’s Brain’—One-on-One Private PT Business Consultation with Aaron Whear 

Your opportunity to channel ‘my brain’—and 25 years of expertise in the fitness industry—directly into your business. During this special one-hour private consultation we’ll cover any critical success factors needed to boost your performance to the ‘next level’. And if you like, we’ll take the secrets and strategies I teach at the Bootcamp and apply them one-by-one to your unique PT business.

In my consultation, we’ll dig down into the nitty-gritty of your PT business with topics like:

  •  Perfecting a sales system that maximizes your ROI (and focuses on converting more leads into paying customers)
  •  “Lifting the Fog”—My secret technique to giving you perfect clarity in your business goals  
  •  Building a system blueprint to generate an endless stream of new clients
  •  “Paging Doctor Whear”—With surgical precision, I’ll dissect your PT business to uncover hidden areas blocking your progress (and prescribe custom solutions for a ‘healthy recovery’)
  •  Need more free time? I’ll dive into your calendar to show you how to structure your working week correctly. Get more done faster, and enjoy time off without sacrificing income. (Thismethod has been a game-changer for almost everyone I've shared it with). 
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