Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the membership

1. Can I start doing courses as soon as I sign up?

 Yes you can! As soon as you become a member you can start booking your CEC courses.

2. How many courses can I choose from each month?

On average you get to choose from 3 courses each month.

3. Where are these courses held?

Most of the courses are held either at Collins Street, Melbourne, or at the Richmond Recreation Centre in Richmond.

4. Why is the membership so cheap?

I wanted to create a CEC option which allows you to choose from a large number of high quality courses. This allows you to improve your training skills and look after your insurance requirements by being trained in activities such as boxing, kettlebell training and the like. A barrier to many trainers up skilling themselves properly has traditionally been price. So the win/win component of the membership is that I can make price much less of an issue for you. The win for me is that if I have a large number of members it gives me guaranteed recurring income which is fantastic for all businesses in terms of cash flow.

5. Which courses do I get to choose from?

 This list is always expanding as a result of feedback from our members, but at present you can choose from:

  • Ultimate Boxing
  • Ultimate Boxing – Advanced
  • Kettlebell – Level 1
  • Kettelbell – Level 2
  • The Complete Guide To Bodyweight Training
  • Suspension Training
  • Exercise And Pregnancy
  • Plateau Busting Training Methods
  • How To Eat For A Healthy Weight
  • Myofascial Release
  • Partner Training For Personal Trainers
  • Exercising For Two
  • Injury Prevention Techniques For Fitness Trainers
  • Business Bootcamp
  • How To Have A Profitable And Prosperous PT Business

To view upcoming dates for these courses just visit http://www.careerfitness.com.au/content/cec-calendar

6. How long does the membership go for?

It is a 12 month minimum, but many of our members stay for years. All you have to do is give 14 days notice (after the 12 months) and your membership payments will be stopped.

7. Can I pay for 12 months in advance?

While most of our members prefer the convenience of spreading CEC course payments over 12 months, you certainly can pay $520 up front and experience all of the member benefits for 12 months. To arrange a paid in full membership just give me a call on 0418 593 574.

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