Who Else Wants To Discover The Truth About How to Eat Your Way to A Healthy Weight?

As you know the most common client that you see as a fitness trainer seeks to lose weight

Wanting to lose weight and getting to our healthiest are two different things. However, once you understand the nutrition and behaviour change principles presented in this workshop you will be able to explain to clients very quickly and easily how they can reconnect with their own bodies so they can eat their way to their most healthiest weight. They won’t be making unreasonable sacrifices imposed by diets and meal plans, but rather enjoying a variety of fresh whole foods they truly enjoy, without the guilt or worry of breaking the rules!

Many people seem to be training harder and harder but they are not maximising their potential. The problem is that physical training is not even half the battle when it comes to acheiving optimal health and wellbeing. The reality is that nutrition is not one dimensional and understanding how to eat intuitively and mindfully is often the missing link and until now there has been so much confusion as to where to go for the right advice.

The How To Eat Your Way To A Healthy Weight Workshop takes the guess work out of eating right. It teaches you how to create a positive attitude to food, nourish your body and most importantly how to listen to your body's signals. In fact, in just one day you will learn 10 proven strategies that will give you more ammunition to help you get more clients than you would have thought possible.

What you will take away from this amazing workshop…

  • Intuitive and mindful eating strategies that will help get rid of all the restricitve eating rules.
  • The truth about metabolism and why it could be the missing link as to why you are not getting the results you crave.
  • Understanding the signals of hunger and fullness - the body actually tells us when we are hungry and when we have eaten enough if you know what to look and listen for!
  • How to avoid the 5 most common mistakes people make with food when they start exercising.
  • Understand how to get out of the diet cycle and make peace with food and the healthiest version of you 

How Is This Workshop Different From Other Nutrition Courses I Have Done?

How To Eat Your Way To A Healthy Weight Is different from other nutrition courses you have done before because it:

1. Does not teach you to follow a meal plan, weigh food portions or keep a food diary

2. Will help you reduce non-hungry eating and/or emotional eating

3. Gives you practical tools to eat intuitively and midfully

4. Teach you how to reconnect with your body's signals on when to eat; what to eat; and how much to eat

5. Will stop you from using your head and start letting your body tell you what it needs to be a healthy weight!

This workshop really does say thumbs down to all those crazy diets that are boring and impose unreasonable restrictions on most people who actually have a life outside of the gym.

Your Presenter: Louise Heta

Louise is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Sports Dietitian. Much of her private practice work is with chronic dieters with whom she frequently uses the non-diet approach. Louise has further completed Mindfulness training and is an ACT Level 1 Therapist. Louise brings over 10 years of dietetic experience specialising in weight loss without dieting, disordered eating and sports and performance nutrition.  Her sports experience includes consulting to the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS), Australian Swimming Team and the Western Bulldogs Football Club. She is very passionate about changing lives through the healthy enjoyment of all foods and nurturing positive relationships with food, eating and your body.


Here Is What People Say About Louise Heta


“The workshop went really well on Friday and Louise really made the health and fitness team stop and think of food in a different way. I really connected with what she was saying and follow a lot of her principles already. I also believe people can be healthy at all sizes so it was really refreshing not to be just preached at about what we should or shouldn’t eat.”


Amanda Watson, Team Leader Health Club and Customer Experience, Reservoir Leisure Centre


“The course was great. Lots of information and lots of group discussions.  I have had a whole new outlook on eating and diets.”


Donna Maxwell, Owner, Generfit Personal Training


“I found this course very interesting and extremely beneficial. I would definitely recommend everyone to do it, not just fitness professionals.”


Vanessa Ciampi, Personal Trainer, Healthwise, Australia.


Great course today. Louise and her 'philosophy' inspiring, always coming from a strength perspective and so person centered. I loved it!


Lisa Kendall, Fitness Instructor, Mind Over Mattress


“I loved the healthy eating course. Louise was a great presenter and the time flew by. It was not at all what I expected, food discussion took up  tiny amount of the session as it was mainly about the psychology of eating. I  gained a lot of new knowledge and am glad I attended.”


Carolyn Brooks, Registered Personal Trainer


“I loved Louise and what she had to say. It was refreshingly different to what our industry often says about dieting.”


Shauna Lamers, Personal Trainer, Monbulk 

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Aaron Whear

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VFA Learning
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Course Date: 
Saturday, June 26, 2021 -
13:00 to 16:00
Course Presenter: 
Louise Heta
3 CECs