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Why are these importat skills to learn...

Working out with a partner increases adherence. This is due to the variety, energy and accountability that comes from training with another person. Put simply there are activities that can be done when a partner is present that cannot be done when they are not.

A partner will encourage, spot and participate in a range of exercises that makes working out fun and enjoyable in ways that training on your own cannot match.

In practical terms training with a partner offers the following benefits:

Variety – many of the exercises included in this workshop are not commonly done and therefore provided a positive overload stimulus both mentally and physically.

Teamwork – being physically involved in the exercises gives a sense of teamwork in that you and your clients are working together to achieve a common goal. Clients love it when their trainer gets involved in the session!

Motivation and support - getting encouragement and praise from your partner is one of the best motivators. It will help clients remain consistent in their training efforts.

Intensity - because the trainer is able to spot exercises it will allow clients to achieve a level of intensity that is not possible when training alone. In addition, having the trainer participate in the workout usually brings out the competitive juices in the clients which drives sessions to new levels in terms of intensity. With the increase in intensity comes quicker results.

Safety - because you are actively participating in the same exercise as the client you are able to spot technique issues immediately and you can correct. This means that partner sessions offer more safety than working out alone.

Point of difference – when clients who do not have a personal trainer of their own see what goes on in your partner activity sessions, i.e. activities that are different and fun, a percentage of these “watchers” will want to become paying clients. This means more money in your pocket!

Partner Training For PT Workshop Presenter - Aaron Whear

Aaron is the ‘trainer’s trainer’. With over 20 years experience in all aspects of the Fitness Industry, i.e. Personal Training, Gym Instruction, Gym Management, and Business Ownership.

With his degree in Physical Education, Aaron began his working life like so many others do as a personal trainer in a gym.  Rapidly realising that doing what everyone else did was not a recipe for success Aaron worked on the business of personal training and soon produced outstanding results for his clients, the gym and himself.

Success meant that he was soon being asked to help other trainers adopt his approach. It was then that Aaron discovered what has become his lifelong passion… sharing his ideas and enthusiasm. In an industry where trainers come and go, Aaron has stood the test of time and has a record of success that is second to none.

Here Is What People Say About Our Partner Training For PT Workshop

 "I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the partner training workshop. Great ideas, great people- just super!"

Jenny Francis

"I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to participate in partner training , IT WAS GREAT!!

I would also like to thank you for sharing your industry experience and training knowledge it was a fantastic day coupled with high energy like minded people."

Marisa Viola

"Thanks so much Aaron. It was a great workshop! I tried some of the exercises in a group class and they loved it :)"

Danielle Antonellos

"Awesome brother!! Thanks again for everything, ive been using the partner training with clients already, they are amazing man, love it"

Richard Sekesan

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Aaron Whear

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Richmond Recreation Centre
Gleadell Street
Richmond, VIC Australia

Course Date: 
Sunday, May 3, 2020 - 13:00 to 16:00
Course Presenter: 
Aaron Whear
3 CECs